The course aims at informing and forming participants in becoming more acquainted with the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. The course also aims at equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to share the faith with others.


  • My Mission, my vocation
  • The call of lay people within the Church
  • The Bible: Different experiences and theologies
  • The Bible: God`s work and Man`s work
  • The Bible in our daily life
  • The God of Jesus Christ
  • Faith and Revelation
  • Revelation and Tradition
  • Man: A mystery that develops through the journey of life
  • Man: A creature journeying towards eternity
  • Ecclesiology: A vision of Church as communion
  • Models of the Church
  • The work of the Holy Spirit: Spirituality and discipleship
  • Christian discipleship
  • The new evangelization
  • Morals and Virtues
  • The importance of virtues in our time
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • The dialogue between Church and society
  • Sacraments and liturgy
  • The liturgical year Catechesis
  • Practical aspects in evangelization

Course Description

Roman Catholicism is a religion deeply rooted in history, with Christ himself and all the saints being, first and foremost, eminent historical characters. By taking the European and International history of the Church as a backdrop, and in particular the local scene, the participants are guided to better understand the historical nature of the Catholic Church, with topics such as; the Christianisation of Malta, the relationship between Bishop, Grand Master and Inquisitor, the Church and other religions in Malta, the parish priest at wartime, the politico-religious struggles and the changing reality that result from an EU membership


First Year: 2017-2018
Code Module Title Value
HCM5001 Medieval Christianity 4 ECTS
HCM5002 The Church and the Inquisition in Hospitaller Malta 4 ECTS

Second Year: 2018-2019
CodeModule TitleValue
HCM5003The Catholic Church in Malta and Britain4 ECTS
HCM5004From British Colony to EU member state4 ECTS